Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gotta Get 'Em - Dae Designs

Okay, I concede.

Pokemon Go! is one of the coolest games to come along since Angry Birds. All I can say is that it's a good thing I don't have an iPhone of my own, or I'd probably not get anything else done.

(To be fair...I tried to go get an iPhone. I'm really ready to not have a "dumb phone" anymore. But I'm on contract and can't change anything until November of NEXT year.) *insert melodramatic death scene here*

In any case, my grandson uses his mom's phone to play it. Just last night he was sooooo proud of himself for finding a Toros at a Red Lobster restaurant. Apparently that's supposed to be some special kind of ironic or cool or something. I just know it made him really happy.

And since the craze doesn't seem to be dying down any time soon, it looks like there will be plenty of room for multiple Pokemon kits, so let me introduce you to this one. It's brand new from Dae Designs and has only been in the stores for a week or so.

With 20 papers, 55 elements and 15 word art strips, all the teams are represented, there are a handful of Pokeballs to highlight your layouts, and there are plenty of word art pieces to caption your pictures. (If anyone can explain the significance of "raspberry," I'd be grateful.) 

Again, the designer at Dae Designs has been gracious enough to offer a coupon code exclusively to readers of the Digi Geek blog. But this isn't just a code for "Gotta Get 'Em." Jennifer has offered to accept this discount for ANY kit in her entire store at With Love Studio!!! So start with the Pokemon kit, but feel free to browse and see if you find anything else you'd rather have. 
COUPON CODE: DaeDesigns2.50 (Good for only one use.) (Valid through November 30, 2016.)

Now...Go Get 'Em!!!!


My apologies for letting the blog go quiet for awhile. As sometimes (often?) happens in daily life, things got crazy. My job got super-busy...we were trying to get the new room decorated (seriously, I stumbled on a way to make it bigger on the inside!)...and then DSD hit a month early. But I'm back and blogging! The production schedule may be a little more sensible (i.e. once a week instead of twice) (unless there's a special reason to do two posts in a week) (like this week will be), and may even take a break entirely at times. But I'll always come back to it because we geeks need to stick together and share our finds with each other!

In the meantime, feel free to join us on Facebook (see info below) to keep current on what designers are releasing that may appeal to your nerdy nature.


1. Tell your friends about this blog. The more traffic it has, the more designers will share their kits and have special deals on them!

2. If you're of a geeky nature, come join our Facebook group, Digi Geek! Here is where you can ask for sources for hard-to-find scrap kits to match your fandom. (And if you're a designer, you're welcome to use the group's photo albums to archive your previews and store links for people to find.)

3. If you have certain requests, let me know! I know what MY interests are, but I also know there are many more out there, and I want to give good representation to all of them!

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