Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bigger on the Inside - Kate Hadfield Designs

I've been through a handful of fandoms. And I've had some that I was more involved with.

But my current Big Love is a certain Doctor from Gallifrey. "Doctor Who" has been my favorite for the past 5 years or so. I came into it just as #10 was leaving and #11 was making his debut. My first episode that I saw was "Silence in the Library" - I loved the witty dialogue between the Doctor and River, and I've enjoyed Alex Kingston since her days on "ER." So I thought maybe this show deserved some attention.

Fast forward five years. Items of a certain shade of blue seem to keep multiplying around my house. I've made my first fannish piece of clothing (I crocheted a "scarf skirt"). And I've hosted a season premiere party to welcome #12, complete with decorations and themed foods.

So when I started doing digi scrap, I wanted a kit to represent this particular fandom. And given that my daughter & her son were moving back home at the time, I had an idea I wanted to try for decorating their bathroom.

That's when I found "Bigger on the Inside." This set of hand-drawn doodles was easily my choice for my first geeky blog post simply because I've used it more than any other kit I own. Period.
If you aren't familiar with Kate Hadfield Designs, Kate is an artist who creates her own hand-drawn doodles based around various themes. Now, on the one hand, this means you only get elements; you have to get papers and alphas from other sources. But on the other hand, these are absolutely original items, not available from any other designer.

In addition to layout work, I took several of these doodles and printed them on window cling adhesive (available at office supply stores). Then after painting the aforementioned bathroom, I used the clings on the walls and on our sliding tub doors as decorations.

This kit contains: 
3D glasses, apple, banana, bow tie, crack, cube, bowl of custard, diary, 2 fezzes, 2 fishfingers, British flag, gas mask, glasses, 2 hearts, 2 jam biscuits, key, leaf, 3 outfits, paper, roman helmet, shoe, soufflé, Stetson, suitcase, tally marks, tie, TV and fob watch.
And the following wordy-bits:
ALLONS-Y! (two styles)
GERONIMO! (two styles)
FANTASTIC! (two styles)
bigger on the inside
hello sweetie
I wear a ...now; ... are cool
I <3 <3 New New York
new who
still not ginger
pretend it's a plan
Rule No. 1
run for your life!
The Doctor will see you now
smaller on the outside

AND since you read about this kit here on this post, Kate Hadfield Designs has graciously offered a coupon code for 30% off if you want to buy this kit for a limited time. Just use the code at checkout: digigeeksROCK.  This code will be good through the month of August (2016) at The Lilypad. (Use link above with kit name.)


While we'll be exploring and covering many geeky genres in this blog, I'm open to suggestions. If you have a favorite fandom that you want to find kits for, or if you are a designer and think you have a kit that would fit our little corner of the digi scrap world, feel free to leave me a comment or send me a note.

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