Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Intergalactic by BoomersGirl Designs & Space Friends by Touched by a Butterfly (Star Wars)

Can you believe that it has been nearly 40 YEARS since the prologue to one of the greatest film franchises first crawled up our movie screens, only to be followed by this huuuuuggggeeeeee ominous spaceship flying into view? Or we first heard the line, "These aren't the droids you're looking for"? Or the line "May the force be with you" gave birth (eventually) to an annual geek holiday?

Say what you want to about the dialogue writing talent of George Lucas. The fact is, he has given us some of the most quotable lines since Monty Python, and he gave us a movie that led to an entire universe of creativity - 7 films and counting, animated TV shows, books, the newest section of Disney World, and - thanks to John Williams - one of the most memorable movie scores ever.

It also makes for a great birthday party, and you'll see some kind of "Star Wars"-themed costumes walking around the neighborhood every year at Halloween:

The fact that we are nearly 40 years later and people still talk about "Star Wars" is one thing. The fact that there is enough interest that designers are still creating digi kits about it is quite another.

I'm featuring two kits this week because, as you can tell from the previews, they both used the same templates for the main characters. Both designers create in a style that I like, so it doesn't surprise me that they have kits that are similar. And yet, this is a great chance to study what it is that gives a designer their unique style and the choices they make when starting with the same basic material. Sometimes it's a choice of color palette, sometimes of texture. Sometimes it's a choice of whether to include related elements (like other aliens) or whether to include alphabet(s). And yet, for the customer, the net result is a variety that allows us to choose the best match for our needs.

There are (many) other "Star Wars" kits out there, and as I  find them, I'll archive them. (If you have a favorite, feel free to leave a comment and let me know about it.) But for these two, you can find them here:

Space Friends by Touched by a Butterfly is available at My Memories - currently 40% off through August 27th (2016)

Intergalactic by BoomersGirl Designs is available at Gingerscraps - Lori has graciously offered a coupon code good for 35% off through September 6th (2016). COUPON CODE: BGD_DGSW457

And as one last treat for indulging this Digi Geek and reading this far, here's a freebie cluster:

(Let me know if you have problems with the download.)


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3. If you have certain requests, let me know! I know what MY interests are, but I also know there are many more out there, and I want to give good representation to all of them!


  1. the coupon code isnt working for me :(

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Tink. I tried the coupon code myself and found that if I enter it at the first possible spot, on the "shopping cart" page, it just froze the page until I refreshed. But if I go to the checkout page and enter it under "order summary," it works and gives me the discount. Please try again and let me know if you can get it to work for you. (If it still doesn't, we'll figure out something.) :)