Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Of Knights & Dragons - MagsGraphics Designs

I have a friend who, along with her husband, work in the show business stunt industry. Her husband
is a whip master, as well as proficient with knives and swords. The two of them together do stunt riding on horses. 

At one point in time, before we became friends, I got her husband's autograph. He would sign his photos with the phrase "Noblesse Oblige."

"Nobility obliges."

I love that idea. I love the idea that nobility comes not only with entitlements, but also with responsibilities, particularly social ones.

It's that old-fashioned sense of being accountable that I find to be one of the most attractive parts of the whole idea of knights and ladies, kings and queens, royalty and titled nobility.

It's something that's sadly missing in much of today's society. 

So I'll just go back to dreaming about the romance of the old days. And for people who enjoy dreaming about the days of chivalry...or maybe you want to showcase your little prince or princess...or maybe you are involved in Renn Faires (an item on my bucket list), the kit "Of Knights & Dragons" by MagsGraphics is a great one to use. I haven't had a chance yet to scrap with it, because it's brand new. But I have gotten to play with it and create some clusters and frames to go along with it, which you can pick up in the My Memories store within the next few days. (They're in the pipeline to get posted.)

While I was playing with this fantastic kit, I put together a quick page. Buuuuut, since I only made one, there's not enough to put a pack in the store, so Mags gave permission to offer it as a downloadable freebie. 

In the meantime, you can grab the main kit at My Memories or at GingerScraps. In both stores, the kit is on 30% sale through August 27th (2016). It includes:
  • 20 12"x12" Papers
  • 3 Banners
  • 1 Bow
  • 2 Buttons
  • 1 Castle
  • 1 Crown
  • 1 Dragon
  • 1 Flag
  • 6 Flowers
  • 3 Greenery Pieces
  • 2 Horses
  • 1 Horse & Carriage
  • 1 King's Cross
  • 2 Knights
  • 1 Nail
  • 1 Prince
  • 1 Princess
  • 3 Ribbons
  • 4 RicRac
  • 3 Ropes
  • 2 Shields
  • 1 Staple
  • 3 Swords
  • 8 Word Tags
  • 1 Tie
  • 1 Arrow Trim
  • 1 Wand
  • 1 Stone Window Frame


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3. If you have certain requests, let me know! I know what MY interests are, but I also know there are many more out there, and I want to give good representation to all of them!

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