Wednesday, August 3, 2016

GO! Catch 'Em All! - MagsGraphics Designs

There are so many video games out there. Some of them become really popular.

And then every once in awhile, one just absolutely captures everyone's imagination and becomes a phenomenon...much like "Angry Birds" did.

That's the current case with "Pokemon Go!" If you're not out searching for the little critters yourself, you've probably seen groups of people walking along the streets and through the parks looking to catch one. 

The wonderful part of this game is that it has gotten people out walking and moving instead of sitting in front of a video screen. (Of course, the down side is that you can only play until your battery runs down, then you have to take a break to recharge.) ;)

Another wonderful part of this game is this great collection MagsGraphics put together to scrap pictures of your favorite hunters. Here are some of the sample layouts her creative folks did for the release of this bundle:

You can find the "GO! Catch 'Em All!" bundle at GingerScraps, and you can use this coupon code to get a 25% discount through the month of August (2016) as a thank you gift for checking out this blog before heading over to pick up your prize!  COUPON CODE: MAGS_POKEGO

***If you have any particular geeky genres you want to see represented in this blog, or if you are a designer and have kits that fit our little corner of the digiscrap world, leave a comment and let me know! Ultimately, I'm wanting to build a resource where Digi Geeks can find resources to scrap their interests.

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  1. I think this designer should be featured EVERY day......! Clearly, she's a genius! *wink*

    ;) Mags